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NOVORAPID VIAL(Insulin aspart) Novolog)

NOVORAPID (Insulin Aspart) VIAL 1X10ML (Novolog)





NovoLog, known as NovoRapid in Canada, contains insulin aspart, which is a fast-acting mealtime insulin. Insulin aspart is a man-made insulin that is similar to naturally occurring human insulin. Only a single amino acid has been modified, compared to the structure of human insulin (which consists of 51 amino acids in total).

What is NovoRapid® used for?
The treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus who require insulin for the control of hyperglycemia.
How does NovoRapid® work?
NovoRapid® is an insulin analogue used to treat diabetes.
NovoRapid® will start to lower your blood sugar 10-20 minutes after you take it, it has a maximum effect between 1 and 3 hours and the effects last for 3-5 hours. Due to this short action NovoRapid® should normally be taken in combination with intermediate-acting or long-acting insulin preparations.
What are the ingredients in NovoRapid®?
Medicinal ingredients: The active ingredient in NovoRapid® is insulin aspart.
Non-medicinal ingredients: Glycerol; phenol; metacresol; zinc chloride; sodium chloride; disodium phosphate dihydrate; sodium hydroxide; hydrochloric acid and water for injection

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