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Low Cost Insulin

The skyrocketing price of insulin has forced many American diabetes patients into situations where they are barely able to afford the cost of insulin! For most of these Americans, consuming insulin is mandatory expense – a mandatory component of there daily existence. Think: Food, water, air, shelter, plus, pharmaceutical insulin. People who have type-1 diabetes or type-2 diabetes, are often challenged with fulfilling their health care demands on a day-to-day basis. For diabetics, living with diabetes requires: blood monitoring, and, insulin to control high blood sugar situations. Beyond factors such as diet and exercise, using insulins are a traditional method for people with diabetes to manage high blood sugar levels. Although insulin can be a very effective diabetes control method, individuals and families without health insurance, a health care program or financial assistance programs, are more than often sacrificing their quality of life
by being forced to purchase insulin on their own in personal out-of-pocket situations. Insulin costs money.

Discount Insulin

In general, the more disposable income or savings you have, the more affordable will insulin become as the medication consumes a smaller proportion of your disposible income. Unfortunately, many Americans do not have this luxury – essentials such as rent, medicine and food can consume a very large proportion of take-home income of middle or lower income households, therefore, many Americans are forced to make financial compromises due to the high cost of insulin. For these American households, insulin access must come first as a family priority. And, to help protect these households and improve their way of American lives, the team at established their rationale to offer discount insulin in a manner characterized by: easy cross-border customs documentation, reliable delivery, FDA regulatory approval, temperature safe storage and transport, plus, a guarantee of product authenticity.

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