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Living with diabetes can be difficult, at the best of times. Today, constantly increasing medication costs are hurting people like you, all across America. However, through our website, you can get the same brand name insulin prescriptions, lancets and other necessities at a price that’s typically 60-80% LOWER than you’re paying now.

All our products are Canadian. We ship ONLY from Canada. That is why we are able to ensure the brand names you know, at a reasonable cost. Affordableprices. Reliable quality. Right to your door.

Our online pharmacy team includes pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and trained patient care representatives who are always available to help you place your online prescription order, track your package⃰ , and answer any questions you may have.

We believe that life-saving medications, like insulin, should be affordable. We care about our patients living with diabetes. You shouldn’t have to choose between buying insulin to save your life, and buying groceries. We care, and take pride in knowing we can help you save money, without compromising your health.

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⃰InsulinfromCanada strictly complies with the FDA’s policy of allowing importation of a 90-day supply of prescription medication for personal use.